Architectural Control

Maintaining your home requires repairs and replacement of various parts of the unit’s exterior. You may also want to make improvements and additions. It is the ACC Committee’s responsibility to work with you to make this a smooth process.
No structure, building, addition, deck, fence, wall, enclosure, window, exterior door, or any other exterior replacements, improvements, or alterations (visible from the exterior of the unit) are to be undertaken until a Homeowner has submitted an application and it has been approved by the ACC and the Board. The process can take up to 30 days, so please do not plan any work to start for at least one month.
Repairs and maintenance items that Homeowners are responsible for, include, but are not limited to, the following items:
1. Roof: includes eaves and gutters.  You share a roof with your neighbor(s), so if the roofs are continuous, they must be replaced at the same time.
2. Siding: replacement of any rotting or damaged boards.  Includes fencing between units.
3. Decks above garages: the waterproofing membrane must be kept in good repair to prevent water damage to garage, siding and brickwork.
4. Brickwork: includes chimneys and siding around your unit.
5. Windsor and doors: replaced at your discretion per Association guidelines.
6. Garage doors, floor, and apron.
7. Front decks and steps.
8. Touch-up painting: all buildings are painted every six years by the Association, and the cost is included in our Monthly Dues. You are responsible for any touch-up needed between painting cycles.
Windsor Green Association relies on all Windsor Green homeowners to accept the responsibility of maintenance, in order to preserve our aesthetics and property values. Please do not hesitate to contact the ACC Chairperson or the Office if you have any questions!
The entire ACC Rules & Regulations are found in the Homeowner Handbook (Pages 2-11, and Appendices A-H). 
To request a change to your home, please download a form below, or pick up a hard copy at the Office, fill out the Form with all necessary details, including sketches, photos and spec sheets.
(For Air Conditioners Enclosures, Patios/Decks, and Roofs, an Expedited Request Form and process can be used.)
You may return the completed form in electronic format with attachments via our Contact page (direct to Architectural Control), or drop off a hard copy at the Office. 
ACC requests will be reviewed first by the Architecture Control Committee, then by the Board of Directors. Please do not plan to start any work until a formal approval is granted.

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