Common Property is the area of Windsor Green that starts right outside each unit’s walls, including all lawns, ponds, and the foundation plantings right outside your home. The Landscape Committee works with all Homeowners and the WGA maintenance team to keep it all great looking and preserve it for all to enjoy.
Homeowners are responsible for maintaining foundation plantings around their homes as well as the landscape edging around them.  Unless it is simply a replacement of an existing plant for the same plant, it is necessary to obtain approval from the Landscape Committee. The Committee is also available to consult with you on new plants or designs for your foundation plantings.
As per our By-Laws, no addition, construction or structure of any kind can be installed on Common Property by any homeowner, including on the area “under the eaves” or around air conditioner enclosures that homeowners are responsible to maintain. 
In addition:
- Flowers and vines which blend with Windsor Green landscaping may be placed in modest-sized pots on stoops, steps or in open areas between foundation plantings.  Flower pots must be removed at the end of the season.
- Owners of homes with decks are responsible for keeping areas under their decks free of unsightly plants and debris.
- Owners of homes with detached garages are responsible for all plants and trees grown in the patios between the home and the garage.

Flower Gardens on Common Property are maintained by homeowner volunteers who report to the Landscape Committee — everyone is encouraged to volunteer to help in the planting and care of these gardens. Also, if you have a suggestion for projects on Common Property, please use the Landscape request form (see right hand bar). Thank you!
The entire Landscape Rules & Regulations are found in the Homeowner Handbook (Pages 14-16).
To request a change on the foundation plantings around your home (generally, the space within 3 ft of the outside wall, or under the roof overhang), please download a Form below, or pick up a hard copy at the Office:
Fill it out with all necessary details, including sketches, photos and spec sheets, and return in electronic format with attachments via our Contact page (direct to Landscape), or drop off a hard copy at the Office. 
Landscape requests will be reviewed first by the Landscape Committee, then by the Board of Directors. Please do not start any work started until you receive a formal approval.

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