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Windsor Green Association (WGA) is made up of townhome owners and governed by an elected Board of Directors. WGA owns the common grounds and facilities. Homeowners elect members to the Board of Directors, who serve without pay, as do the members of various committees who manage Windsor Green.  All homeowners and residents are encouraged to contribute to the activities within the committees.
The Board is made of 9 Directors, including 4 Officers elected by the majority of Directors.
- The president leads the Board of Director's meetings and sees that orders and resolutions are carried out and sign all notes.
- The vice president performs all the duties of the president in the absence of the president.
- The secretary of the Board of Directors records the votes and keep the minutes of all proceedings.
- The treasurer signs all checks and notes, provided that they are also signed by the president or the vice president.
There are 7 standing committees at WGA, each headed by a member of the Board of Directors.
1. The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) generally regulates each unit's exterior, including Roofs (including eaves and gutters), Front Decks and Steps, Front Patios, Brickwork, Windows and Doors (including garage doors.) as well as installation of satellite dishes and antennas. The Committee generally anything that is visible from outside the unit. Before making any change to the exterior of your home, please read more about the ACC regulations.
2. The Landscape Committee is responsible for the common property through planting of trees, shrubs and flowers and projects needed to prevent soil erosion and maintain quality of grass and trees. It regulates everything that is outside of the four walls of each unit, including all lawns, grounds, and the landscaped area “under the eaves” in front of most units. Before making any change to the area in front or around your home, please read more about the Landscape regulations
3. The Maintenance Committee works to maintain the grounds and to keep paths, walkways and stairways in the landscape in safe and usable condition. It also takes care of the ponds, recreational amenities, as well as alley lighting.
4. The Recreation Committee determines rules and regulations governing the use of recreational facilities and equipment, plans and organizes recreational activities, and recommends additions and changes in facilities and equipment.
5. The Communications Committee, which is comprised of alley liaisons (“Alley Reps”), helps ensure clear and timely communication among residents about By-Laws, Board meeting decisions, and emergency issues, and helps build a sense of community by welcoming new residents.
6. The Community Affairs Committee maintains contact with local government, neighboring businesses and organizations, and informs the WGA community of issues that impact quality of life, experience, and facilitate participation in the decision-making process at the city, county and state levels. 
7. The Parking and Vandalism Committee monitors adherence to parking rules and regulations, record any act of vandalism and take appropriate action in the event damage occurs. 
Additionally, each year, a Nominations Committee is organized to prepare for the election of new board members.
President: Barney Kujawski
Vice-President: Rebecca Vegge
Secretary: Ruth Guida
Treasurer: Gene Iserman
Chairperson: Pam Prosser
Committee Members: Steve Bodurtha, Steve Frantz, Dave Heine, Joan Kaufenberg, Frank Medved
Landscape Committee:
Chairperson: Sara Rahn
Committee Members: Maggie Rousseau, Val Rohrer, Gwen Scheibe, Jean Martinez, Mark Loahr, Georgia Uhlenhopp
Maintenance Committee:
Chairperson: Jean Martinez
Committee Members: Ruth Guida (Office Manager/Homeowner), Andrew Evans (Head Groundskeeper), Jean Martinez
Recreation Committee:
Chairperson: Michele Milan
Committee Members: Darla Frantz, Jennifer Williams
Communications Committee:
Chairperson: Rebecca Vegge
Committee Members (Alley Liaisons): Laura Davies, Ruth Guida, Mary Johnson, Joan Kaufenberg, Jean Martinez, Scott Nichols, Arnette Nelson, Julie Noland, Gwen Scheibe, Jan Sharp
Community Affairs Committee:
Chairperson: Joan Kaufenberg
Committee Members: Pat Crisham, Connie Davis, Ruth Guida, Barb Hamerlind, Viki Kimsal, Mary Johnson, Esther Nowlin, Gwen Scheibe.
Parking & Vandalism Committee:
Chairperson: Kortney Kenville
Committee Members: Eric Scheibe, Scott Nichols

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