The Recreation Committee determines rules and regulations governing the use of recreational facilities and equipment, plans and organizes recreational activities, and recommends additions and changes in facilities and equipment. These facilities are common property provided for the enjoyment of Windsor Green residents and their guests. Full information can be found in the Homeowner Handbook (Pages 19-22).
General rules:
1. The use of recreational facilities is for homeowners and is extended to their guests. Guests must always be accompanied by a homeowner. Homeowners are responsible for the actions of members of their households and their guests. 
2. Homeowners are required to be able to identify themselves by means of the key and colored identification tag issued to them. These keys are not transferable, except within a Windsor Green household.  
3. Conduct and activities at the recreational facilities should be courteous for the enjoyment of all participants, and everyone should observe general rules of courtesy and be thoughtful of homeowners living nearby.
4. No smoking is allowed, including e-cigarettes. No offensive language, music or loud voices. Personal radios/music players are to be used with earphones only. Plastic bottles are allowed but no glassware. Pets are not allowed on recreational facilities. Gates should be closed at all times.
5. Homeowners are expected to maintain an active role in enforcing the rules and observing all posted signs. Violators may be suspended for the season and can be assessed the cost of any damage done to Association property.
- Pool hours are 8 am to 10 pm, with 9-10 p.m. reserved for quiet swimming.  The South Pool is reserved for adults only from 5 pm to 7 pm, Monday through Friday.  
- State law prohibits any diving by anyone at our north pool.  Diving is permitted only in the deep end of the south pool.  Any other headfirst approaches, such as flips, somersaults, and cartwheels, are forbidden at both pools.
- Running, pushing, dunking, throwing objects, and other forms of horseplay are not allowed in the pool area.
- Small objects, Styrofoam particles, hair, etc. can do costly damage to the recirculation systems.   Rocks, damaged Styrofoam kickboards, etc. should not be brought into the pool area.  Persons with long hair should tie long hair back.
- The lifesaving equipment is for emergency purposes only.  Note where it is and how it is to be used.  Our pools are so small that one should never jump in to save a conscious person.  Throw them a life ring or use the hook to pull them to safety.
- Since there is no lifeguard on duty, children under 14 must be accompanied by a homeowner over 18 years of age. Persons using the pools should always be supervised by someone capable of rescuing them. Residents between 14 and 18 years of age may bring guests to the pool, as long as they are supervised by a homeowner.
- Large flotation devices, such as floating chairs, mattresses, and large tubes are not permitted.  Small infant flotation aids may be used under close adult supervision.  Noodles are permitted.
Street clothes are not permitted in the water.  Babies and toddlers who are not toilet trained must wear swimmer diapers.   
- State law requires all pools to be closed periodically for chemical shocking.  Please respect the “closed” signs when posted.
- Homeowners are responsible for their guests’ compliance with pool rules.  When pool is crowded, we recommend that each unit limit their guests to no more than five.  
Tennis, Basket Ball and Volley Ball courts:
Tennis courts are open from __ am to __ pm. From June 1st to September 1st, adults and teenagers who work have preference on court use on weekdays after 5 pm. Both courts cannot be occupied by the same household, if others are waiting. Tennis shoes must be worn in the courts. Activities other than racquet sports is not allowed.
Basketball and volleyball courts are available every day from 9 am to 8 pm. 
Court time is limited to 1 hr if someone is waiting.
Rollerblading, Skateboarding, and Bicycling are allowed on sidewalks and alleys, not on the grass or the steps. Let's all be courteous and give the right-of-way to pedestrians.
There is no swimming, wading, boating, or netting of fish on either pond. Ice skating is not permitted on either pond.
As per the City of New Brighton, youth age 15 and younger have a 10pm curfew every day; for youth ages 16-17, it is midnight every day. 

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