Parking & Vandalism

The Parking & Vandalism Committee monitors adherence to parking rules and regulations, helps avoid any act of vandalism and take appropriate action in the event damage occurs. Full details about the Committee can be found in the Homeowner Handbook (Pages 17-18).
Some of our key rules about parking are:
  1. In consideration for their neighbors and guests' convenience, homeowners should make every reasonable effort to use their garages for parking, both during the day and at night.
  2. So that alleys can be kept open for the use of fire trucks, ambulances, and other emergency vehicles, parking in alleys and in front of garages is prohibited unless the vehicle is monitored by the homeowner at all times (service vehicle contracted to work in a specific unit are also allowed for short amount of times)
  3. All vehicles must have current license, be operable, and must not leak fluids.
  4. After a snowfall, vehicles should be moved to a plowed.
  5. Parking in a guest area between the hours of 1am to 7am requires a parking permit.
Guests from homeowners visiting Windsor Green for 15 days or less may obtain a complimentary Parking Permit. For stays longer than 15 days, Paying for a Parking Permit is required.
Homeowners who need parking privileges outside of their garages for their own vehicles can apply for a Parking Permit (Long term parking is not available to recreational vehicles, boats, trailers, motor-homes, ATV's...)
Parking Permit Applications are available for download here, or in hard copy from the Office. Once filled out and returned in hard copy or via our Contact Page, you will be notified ASAP of the approval.
Each residence is limited to two (2) parking permits each month. After approval, parking will be authorized after payment of the permit fee ($20/month for the first vehicle, plus $30/month for a second vehicle.)
Commercial vehicles (vans, trucks with commercial identification/signage) may be allowed on a case-by-case basis and may be required to park in a specific location.
Special circumstances parking permits for homeowners who need short term special parking privileges for vehicles may be available for up to 30 days, for example during remodeling projects.  For some vehicles (recreational vehicle, trailer, etc) parking permit may be limited to fifteen days or less.
Parking tickets will be written for vehicles without permits parked before 7am. The infraction process is as follows:
  • 1st offense: Parking ticket
  • 2nd offense: Parking ticket plus contact with resident
  • 3rd offense: Parking ticket and Board review for towing
  • Towing: Vehicle will be towed at owner's expense
Street Parking:
The City of New Brighton does not allow any parking on public streets (Windsor Court and Windsor Lane) between the hours of 2 am and 5 am.
Acts of vandalism to Windsor Green property should be reported to the Chair of the Committee and if necessary to the New Brighton Police Department (651-638-2070).

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